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Systems of Excellence

Every year, there are more than 450,000 Veterans' cancer stories to tell. From the NOP's National TeleOncology service reaching cancer patients in rural communities to the life-saving technology provided through the Lung Cancer Screening Program, VA is changing the narrative about cancer. The videos below highlight the impact VA has on cancer patients daily, and how innovative technology is changing the landscape of cancer care now and in the future.
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Precision Oncology Program for Cancer of the Prostate (POPCaP)

VA has a network of medical centers and a range of clinical trials providing state-of-the-art precision oncology care for Veterans with prostate cancer through a partnership with the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Collaborative efforts centralized through the Precision Oncology Program for Cancer of the Prostate (POPCaP) provide tumor and germline sequencing for all Veterans with metastatic prostate cancer. The network also provides Veterans with cutting-edge therapies for prostate cancer through VA-sponsored clinical trials, such as the Prostate cancer Analysis for Therapy Choice (PATCH) program.

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Lung Precision Oncology Program (LPOP)

To build the Lung Precision Oncology Program (LPOP) into a System of Excellence for Lung Cancer, VA is prioritizing screening to identify early-stage lung cancer; improving access for Veterans with advanced lung cancer to precision oncology clinical trials; and enabling rapid translation of discoveries into clinical care. To achieve these goals, VA has identified sites across all 18 VISNs to serve as centralized sites that can leverage VA facilities for screening capabilities, radiation oncology, research pharmacists, and equipment.

Learn more about the Lung Precision Oncology Program (LPOP) here.

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Breast and Gynecologic Cancer System of Excellence

VA is building a Breast and Gynecologic Cancer System of Excellence to provide cutting-edge cancer care for Veterans. Initially launched in 2020, this System of Excellence is building the infrastructure necessary to screen for and aggressively treat the breast and gynecologic cancers impacting Veterans.

VA is also partnering with national leaders in cancer research and care to transform cancer prevention, treatment, and outcomes, while continuing to provide coordinated, integrated patient-centered care. Through current partnerships with the National Cancer Institute, Duke University, Baylor School of Medicine, and others, VA's Breast and Gynecologic Cancer System of Excellence is uniquely situated to provide care via the National TeleOncology service and decentralized clinical trials to women Veterans nationwide.